• Aluminum Motocross & Dirt Bike Hitch Mounted Carrier AMC-400 for 2

Transports a dirt bike, off-road MX bike, or motocross bike using a vehicle hitch receiver instead of a motorcycle trailer or pickup truck bed tie-down system. The aluminum motorcycle carrier is durable, light-weight, and works with most off-road dirt bikes with tires up to 5.5" wide. The AMC-400 features a 45.5"L ramp for easy loading and unloading which attaches to the dirt bike carrier between uses. Each carrier includes (2) integrated tie-down points for securing and stabilizing dirt bikes, and a spacer bar for 50-80cc youth dirt bike hauling.

Made with an all-aluminum 75"L carrier platform with a heavy duty steel hitch tube and support frame. Rungs are spaced 6.75" apart to help keep wheels firmly in place with a 16" spaced rung at one end for increased tire stability. Ideal dirt bike hauling solution for pickup trucks, SUV's, RV's, and vans. Clearance measurements: 18" from center of hitch pin to center of carrier platform. The dirt bike hitch carrier system, includes an anti-tilt bracket to reduce side to side wobble. Straps and soft loops are not included. Not designed for use with scooters or mopeds. Maximum 400 lb. carrying capacity.

Hauls a single motocross, off-road MX or dirt bike with a 2" Class III/IV hitch receiver

75"L carrier track with 6.75"W rung spacing, 18" clearance from hitch pin to carrier

45.5" Loading ramp with a 0.67" hook attaching lip

Includes a youth dirt bike adapter and anti-tilt bracket

Aluminum platform with a heavy duty steel frame, maximum 400 lb. capacity

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Aluminum Motocross & Dirt Bike Hitch Mounted Carrier AMC-400 for 2

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